Aspire Spryte Replacement Coils


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Aspire Spryte Replacement Coils

The Aspire Spryte Replacement Coils, for use with the Aspire Spryte pod vaping device. Available in two options, firstly the 1.2Ω BVC coil which is to be used with standard mouth to lung e-liquid. Secondly the 1.8Ω coil which is for use with Nicotine Salt E-liquid. Both packed in a box as a set of five.

To replace the coil on the Aspire Spryte simply remove the pod away from the battery section. Unscrew the airflow ring, unscrew the coil and replace the coil. At The Happy Vape Co we recommend priming the coil for fifteen minutes before use. This stops burning the cotton and also helps stop dry hits.


Whats in the box

5 x Aspire Spryte Replacement Coils 

Aspire Spryte Coil Fitting Instructions

Additional information

Ohm's Ω

1.2Ω 5 Pack, 1.8Ω Nic Salt 5 Pack


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