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Nicotine Booster Shots are flavourless e-liquid with a high nicotine concentrate. These are added to Short Fill e-liquids. Short Fill juices came about when the TPD laws were introduced back in 2016. These new laws state that no e-liquid bottle over 10ml can contain nicotine. This problem was soon resolved by adding flavourless high Nic e-liquids in 10ml bottles to a short filled large bottle. By adding the two together you are able to create your desired nicotine strength in large bottles!! 


Brand: JRV Nic Shot

Vg/Pg: 70/30

Nic Strength: 18mg

Bottle Size: 10ml



Brand: Just Nic It

Vg/Pg: 50/50

Nic Strength: 9mg/20mg

Bottle Size; 10ml



Brand: Just Nic It Nicotine Salt Shot

Vg/Pg: 50/50

Nic Strength: 20mg Nic Salt

Bottle Size: 10ml



Brand: Just Nic It On Ice

Vg/Pg: 80/20

Nic Strength: 18mg

Bottle Size; 10ml

Just Nic It On Ice is as it says on the bottle. It is a nicotine booster shot with cooling agent added to give any short fill a cool edge.



Brand: Zap Juice Salt Nic

Vg/Pg: 70/30

Nic Strength: 20mg Salt Nic

Bottle Size: 10ml



Brand: Joes Juice Vg Shot

Vg/Pg: 100/0

Nic Strength: 0mg

Bottle Size: 10ml

This is a Vg shot which is used to top up a short filled bottle but still have zero nicotine.



Brand: Joe’s Juice

Vg/Pg: 0/100

Nic Strength: 0mg

Bottle Size: 10ml

Joe’s Juice Ice Drops can be added to any e-liquid. Add a few drops to your desired e-liquid and feel that new cold edge. Please note, this is not a booster shot and is used by adding a few drop and not the whole bottle!!

Additional information

Bottle Size



Joe's Juice Ice Drops, Joe's Juice Vg Shot (No Nicotine), JRV Nic Shot 18mg 70/30, Just ?Nic It 20mg 50/50, Just Nic It 9mg 50/50, Just Nic It Nic Salt 20mg 50/50, Just Nic It On Ice 18mg 80/20, Zap Juice Nic Salt 18mg 70/30

VG-PG Ratio

100vg, 50/50, 70/30, 80/20

Nic Strength



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